Meetpoint – Sweden/Denmark

Öresund - Sweden Denmark

Today I went to Helsingborg – The closest city to Denmark. I was hunting the dramatic sky with my new lens 🙂
The ferry from Helsingør, Denmark meets the ferry from Helsingborg, Sweden.

Helsingborg harbour.
Harbour - Helsingborg, Sweden

The Dunker Cultural House – where I enjoyed the exhibition about Vivian Maier – my role model concerning street photo.
Dunkers Cultural House - Helsingborg, Sweden

Deserted coast line north up … – Imagine how it would look like in summer time …. Well some people take winter bath here … I didn’t feel like it today but once I had a bath in an ice hole 🙂
Costline north up from Helsingborg, Sweden

Resting boats in the marina – Helsingborg.
Marina - Helsingborg, Sweden.


  1. Beautiful images, especially the big one on the top of the page. Very dramatic indeed! I read a book about Vivian’s photography when her photos were first discovered. I believe there is a film about her but I haven’t seen it.

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