This statue is outside the University building in Lund.


Kraka is the wife of a viking chieftain – Ragnar Lodbrok – and I like her a lot. Today came … More

The battle in Lund

The monument in Lund.  Memory from the battle between Sweden and Denmark 1676 – great losses on both sides. Skåne … More


By Christian Berg —

In the sun

A piece of pink – a piece of statue – a piece of cake … —


This is a photo from the street “Sankt Petri Kyrkogata” in Lund. There is a little square where the tree … More


Thirsty on top floor – a statue in Lundagård. —

Alone in the park

She is standing in the beautiful part of the park surrounded by flowers. The other part is a big lawn … More

Statue – Born in stone

This statue is “carved” out of stone. It is situated in Lundagård – the park just outside the University in … More