The Pope soon to come

Kungshuset i Lundagård, Lund, Sweden

The Pope will soon come to Lund – 31st October – and he will be welcomed in this house called Kungshuset.

Kungshuset – The Kings House – is situated in the park Lundagård and between the University and the Cathedral.
When this part of Sweden was Danish the danish King used to stay in the house – that’s why it’s called The King’s House.

Kungshuset i Lundagård, Lund, Swedenlund_20110523_kungshuset.jpg cathedral_20130902_lundagard



  1. It’s a bit exciting and I will be ready with my Canon 🙂 But sad to say I’m not invited 😉
    Religion to me is cultural history and superstition 🙂

  2. Very impressive looking place. Hope you can get a photo of the Pope, maybe even a selfie with him seeing he likes doing them. 🙂

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