Lund view

From the airport bus window. In the middle is the Cathedral with it’s two towers and to the right is … More


This is a very nice place to stop and have a cup of coffee.

Neighbour City

Malmö is a neighbour city to Lund. Here is the famous building Turning Torso. The Court of Appeal is to … More


Kulturens Östarp – a place and a museum outside Lund. —

Working on a house

Sockerbruksområdet  – Plans for the SockerbruksArea in Lund. It will happen a lot in this area in the near future. … More


This is the skyline of Lund from the south side. The biggest building is the University Hospital. To the left … More

Windmills a cloudy day

I am shooting from the carwindow on our way back to Lund today. This is just outside the city. —